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Bella’s brings you the best value on pre-owned designer office furniture brands. Our 4 Star rating system ensures you are getting what you want for the budget you set.

4 Star Rating System

4 Star Condition

These products are pre-owned with very few signs of wear and tear. They are not NEW but they have a lot of life left in them.

3 Star Condition

These pre-owned products will have visible and at times obvious cosmetic blemishes. They are functionally complete and ready to serve.

2 Star Condition

These products are structurally sound but have obvious cosmetic damage and are generally not great for first impressions.

1 Star Condition

These are complete furniture pieces that may have material damage that may impact their function. They are cosmetically damaged.

Budget Brands

Bella’s seldom carries these products as they rarely survive our 4 Star Rating system.

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Mid-Market Brands

Bella’s occasionally selects the very best condition products in these brands.

Designer Brands

These brands produce the best pre-owned quality products and we seek to stock them as often as we can.

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